Have you been reading Richard’s testimony about using the treadmill for home fitness?

If not have a look on the home page of our website. It’s a real testament to understand whether having a Treadmill for Home Use can work when it comes to weight loss as well as fitness.

When Richard first approached Fit2run he weighed in at 130kgs, and in his own words was the heaviest he had ever been.

I saw Richard last week and couldn’t recognise him. He had just completed a half marathon. This was a new goal he’d set for himself after doing the 10km challenge. For a person who couldn’t run at all when he started with the treadmill this is a wonderful testimony. But more than that his total weight loss since starting with the TF20 treadmill is at present a whopping 40kgs!

His wife who is much smaller has also lost a huge 20kgs!  Well done to both of you.  You are an inspiration for others who are setting out on the same path of weight loss and fitness.

The TF20 treadmill for home usage is a great performer in it’s own right but as we know nothing happens unless you get on the treadmill and have the dedication that these two have shown.