Power Plate MOVE

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Power Plate® MOVETM Features

Color (Standard)    Red or Silver

User friendly interactive display

Dimensions (W x D x H)    77cm x 61cm x 23cm

Weight      39kg

Power Supply  100-240v/60hertz

Nominal Power in Operation  250-285W

Maximum Load   136kg

Precision WaveTM Technology

Time Selections   Counts up from 0 to 9 minutes, :30 and :60 second presets accessible via remote control

Frequency           6 Levels – (30-40Hz H/L), LED buttons indicate levels 1-6
(1=30Hz Low, 2=35Hz Low, 3=40Hz Low, 4=30Hz High, 5=35Hz High, 6=40Hz High)

Amplitude / Vibration Setting    5Hz increments




The  Power Plate® MOVE is the perfect combination of size

and function. It’s base has been designed from the ground up to

save as much space as possible without compromising a shred

Accelerates and maximizes results

Accelerates and PrecisionWave Patented maximizes results TechnologyTM multidirectional vibration

Helps boost recovery

A complete workout in only 15 minutes

Accelerates and maximizes results


Patented multidirectional vibration

Helps boost recovery

PrecisionWave TechnologyTM

Sturdy enough to support a full 300lbs/136kg. Complete with

six variable frequency modes, the MOVE can cover a wide range of useage

Helps boost recovery

Helps boost recovery time

A complete workout in only 15 minutes

range of functionality. Whether you want to achieve a relaxing massage or a sweat-inducing workout; the MOVE is efficient and effective no matter how you choose to use it.

The controls are simple and intuitive with large, easy-to-understand buttons and a digital timer, which has been fully reimagined to count up to a full nine minutes, so all you need to do is press play to get things started.

The MOVE can also be used in light commercial/shared group exercise settings for fitness facilities seeking to provide compelling group exercise experiences to their members but face space- constraint challenges.


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