Are you wanting to pick up your fitness?

Here are some top tips to take you from couch to 5K. If you’re already there – awesome! If not and fitness is on your mind – read on to find out how to bring 5Ks of fun into your life.

  • Take 10,000 steps – Working towards a 10,000 daily step count is a great place to start. Remember this doesn’t have to be achieved in one walk, it can be accumulated over the course of the day. Active choices like taking the stairs, standing instead of sitting, sometime on a treadmill and spending social time being active will help your fitness and help you get there.
  • Move more – Walking is good for your health, not just for calories burnt, but for fresh air, Vitamin D and mental health. Moving more will improve your biomechanics, core strength and energy and your body will thrive. Make time to get outside during your lunch break and energise your body by breathing fresh air into your cells.
  • Find balance – Wellness is built on four health essentials; movement, nutrition, sleep and happiness. Our happiness is essential to our success and it’s important to take a step back sometimes. Think about what makes you happy and invest time in pursuing it with your friends, your family and most importantly yourself.