Watch the fantastic new series where Fit2run Fitness Equipment supports a wonderful family who are taking part in the Healthy Food Guide Show.

 What  is the  relationship between Fit2run Fitness Equipment and food you may well wonder.  Coming to Choice TV  in May.

It’s no surprise to know that when considering overall health and wellbeing that where food may be the King of the show Fitness and Exercise is the queen!…as one gym aptly noted.

For most who are interested and engaged in looking after their general health there is no lack of consciousness that the total formula is a combination of factors.

We are always pleased to support such great programs such as the healthy food guide which encourages us to keep improving our well being.

Fit2run fitness equipment is often used for such purposes.

Congratulations to the family involved in the show for such a huge effort and watch this space to see how their journey to obtain health unfolds.

To get a bit of a taste of what’s coming click on the link below.!/browse/film/3117/healthy-food-guide-promo