Are you considering doing some Gym Equipment Maintenance over the coming months?

If so take a look at these guidelines for what might need maintenance attention.

1. Lubricate the treadmill belt – see our website for tips on how to do this if you are unsure.
2. Check that the treadmill belt is running true and not slipping

Rowing Machines:
1. Lubricate the chain
2. Take the covers off and remove dust

Cross Trainers:
1. Check to see if running smoothly and that footplates are in good order.

1. Check that the cycling motion feels smooth and that adjustments and the display are working well. Check any foot straps to see that they are in good condition.
2. Check the seat to make sure it is still in good condition and doesn’t need replacing.

It’s often the small things with Gym Equipment Maintenance that will ensure the equipment lasts well and supports your ongoing home fitness regime.