Being physically fit is a somewhat vague term, as there are different types of fitness. Someone who is an avid weightlifter may have muscular strength, but lack the aerobic capacity of an endurance athlete and vice versa. In particular in this article we would like to talk about a particular type- cardiovascular fitness.

Fitness -Cardiovascular, or aerobic fitness, is defined by how our bodies
provide us with energy to fuel activities including long distance running, cycling, and swimming. Some of the definable metrics are:Able to sustain an elevated heart rate for longer periods. Engage in aerobic exercise more comfortably. Oxygen is better utilized, making breathing easier during aerobic workouts.Very high calorie/energy burner. As people consistently work on their cardiovascular goals, they may find previously taxing activities easier. To build and maintain cardiovascular health, you may consider making aerobic exercise a part of your daily routine.

Examples of Cardiovascular/Aerobic types of exercise are:
 Cycling, Running, Rowing, Walking

Equipment ideally suited to achieve this goal would include -the Treadmill, the Rowing machine, any form of Exercycle. This could be an upright bike or a spin bike as an example, and of course the Elliptical Cross Trainers.
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Cardiovascular fitness

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