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Concept 2 Rower Hire Auckland

At fit2run we specialise in Concept 2 Rower Hire in Auckland. Why? For anyone who rows at a rowing club or a fitness centre it’s most probable that the only rowing machine you will come across are the Concept 2 rowing machines. These are what most clubs will use....

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Great Feedback after Home Gym installed for TV Show

Watch the unfolding story as the Parkinson Family receives a fit2run Home Gym on Choice TV    Thursday  8.30pm. The Tv Production company comment..... "Our friends at Fit2Run have had a massive impact on our Healthy Food Guide family's story. Nicki’s health and...

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Why Hire a Rower?

Why Hire a  Rower?    Did you know that recent studies show that if thinking about losing weight, when you hire a  rower you burn calories faster than biking at the same perceived level of exertion? What are the other  advantages of hiring a rower? In general people...

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Treadmills Serviced – Amazing discoveries!

Read this for a good laugh! This was a first ever. After thousands of treadmills serviced by us our staff were amazed to open up a treadmill to find this! In case you can't work it out from the photo this is dog biscuits that a rat had stolen from the dog and hidden...

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Home Gym Machines- try at the expo this weekend

Are you looking for a great Home Gym Machine?  We have some great options on display this weekend, May 20/21st at the Healthy Food Live Expo. COME IN TO WIN! JUMP ON NOW TRY ONE PIECE OF OUR HOME GYM MACHINES  DO 5 MINUTES OF EXERCISE AND SEE HOW FIT YOU ARE…. THEN...

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Healthy Food Guide and Fit2run Fitness Equipment

Watch the fantastic new series where Fit2run Fitness Equipment supports a wonderful family who are taking part in the Healthy Food Guide Show.  What  is the  relationship between Fit2run Fitness Equipment and food you may well wonder.  Coming to Choice TV  in May....

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Exercise Bikes. What are they best used for?

Exercise Bikes are increasingly in demand as the population and demographics of Auckland changes. Riding exercise bikes works out your hamstrings, calves, hip flexors and quadriceps. ...  The difference between upright stationary bikes and recumbent exercycles is that...

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World Masters Games Auckland 2017

Congratulations to all who are involved in the world Masters Games. As well as approximately 30,000 competitors there are 4,00 volunteers involved in this program. The World Masters Games is the world’s largest multi-sport event. Held every four years, it is the...

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Wanting to increase your fitness?

 Are you wanting to pick up your fitness? Here are some top tips to take you from couch to 5K. If you’re already there - awesome! If not and fitness is on your mind – read on to find out how to bring 5Ks of fun into your life. Take 10,000 steps – Working towards a...

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Common Fitness Workout Myths

  Here is and interesting article on some good old  Fitness Workout Myths. If you've been in to health and fitness industry for some time, you've surely heard numerous ‘rules’ and ‘techniques’ that you must oblige to in order to lose fat. The thing is, most of what...

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Home Exercise Equipment for Seniors

Is there good Home Exercise Equipment for seniors? Staying fit or getting fit requires exercise—not moving perpetuates not being able to move. But simple home exercise equipment for seniors makes it possible to start a fitness plan at any age and at any level—no...

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Elliptical Machine Workouts – Are they for me?

Why Choose an Elliptical Machine for your workout? Here's part of a good extract on the benefits of using an Elliptical Machine for your workout: The elliptical machine is good for all ages and fitness levels (barring those who are injured), says New York City-based...

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Our Concept 2 Rowing Machines are the best

What are the best rowing Machines to hire? At fit2run we hire out  Concept 2 Rowing Machines.  Why? For anyone who rows at a rowing club or a fitness centre it's most probable that the only rowing machine you will come across are the Concept 2 rowing machines.  These...

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Exercise Machines Testimonial

Testimonial from one client hiring one of our  Exercise Machines. "Hopefully  we will deal with you guys again soon.  I very much recommend you to all the ladies that come through and are interested in hiring equipment to help them" We do love to hear great feedback...

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Treadmill Hire Auckland

 Looking at Treadmill Hire Auckland? Great because portable treadmills such as you are looking to hire are a great way to workout at the comfort of your home, without the distraction of nature or lack of time. Gone are the days when you would have a dozen reasons not...

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Treadmill Hire. We will get you up and running!

Treadmill Hire is high on the list for many to do  as the weather gets wetter now. Why hire a treadmill from fit2run.  We have been in the fitness equipment industry for a long time and  know our treadmills and the treadmill hire business inside out. More than that we...

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Rowing Machine Technique – perfect workouts

Correct Rowing Machine Stroke Are you wondering how to correctly use your rower?  Here's some tips for best practice. The first movement when using a rowing machine is  called the "Catch" Firstly, seat yourself on the rowing machine adjusting the foot straps if...

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Home fitness equipment survey results

Home Fitness Equipment tested Tests of 40 home exercise equipment machines According to the survey carried out below by consumer, on home fitness equipment,  we at fit2run hit the mark by carrying all of the equipment mentioned and used widely in the market. "Thinking...

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Here are some guidelines for  Treadmill Use (Treadmills for dummies) Safety tips for using a  Treadmill The treadmill is among the easiest cardio machines to use. Still, treadmill users are not immune to poor posture. And if you’re not paying attention, you can...

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What to look for in the best Treadmill

What should I look for in a good Treadmill and how can I choose between  the different treadmills on offer?   Let us help you out here. We have free expert advice on hand to make sure you get the right Treadmill for your use. There are a few basic things to consider...

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Exercise Bike versus The Recumbent Exercise Bike

The question of how an EXERCISE BIKE and a RECUMBENT EXERCISE BIKE differ comes up often. For those who are used to using gym equipment or who go to a gym this is probably not difficult to understand. These facilities have a range of upright bikes, recumbent bikes and...

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Rowing Machine Customer Testimony: Concept 2

One of our  Concept 2 rowing machine rental clients sent us the following message: "...Thanks for the most hassle free and nice service I've received in too long...Thanks for the many kms of exercise." It's always  great to receive such great feedback. At fit2run we...

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Gym Equipment customers, suppliers, staff.

To our great Gym Equipment clients. It's the time of year when we look back at all the great people we have  rented fitness equipment  to, serviced fitness equipment for,  and helped out in other and sometimes very entertaining  ways  and we say "THANKS". Thanks to...

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Home Fitness – tired of the Treadmill?

Are you tired of running on the Treadmill? Needing a new challenge? If so have you ever considered  changing your Home Fitness routine and taking part in a Fun Run or Walking Event? There are many different events run in Auckland or the Auckland area which can...

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Exercise Equipment- why people Hire for home

Why do people choose to Hire  Exercise Equipment for  home use? It's always comes down to one of two things: FITNESS or HEALTH From our experience the main reasons people hire equipment are: * We just want to be fit! * But peoples  lives are often so busy now and we...

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What makes Fit2Run different from other NZ exercise equipment hire & sales companies?

  • We rent a wide range of high-quality workout equipment.
  • We carry a wide range of spare parts for many makes and models of exercise equipment
  • Fit2run technicians are widely regarded in the industry for their expertise
  • We service all commercial and domestic exercise equipment
  • We are Master technicians for a wide range of exercise equipment brands
  • Free and honest advice provided on the phone

... Fit2Run have had a massive impact on our family's story. Nicki’s health and fitness journey is making great progress, having her own home gym has been an invaluable support so far - thanks to Fit2Run!

The Team @

Healthy Food Guide TV Show

…Thanks for the most hassle free and nice service I’ve received in too long…Thanks for the many kms of exercise.


Rowing Machine Rental

Hopefully we will deal with you guys again soon. I very much recommend you to all that come through and are interested in hiring equipment to help them.


Exercycle Rental