At fit2run we specialise in Concept 2 Rower Hire in Auckland. Why?

For anyone who rows at a rowing club or a fitness centre it’s most probable that the only rowing machine you will come across are the Concept 2 rowing machines. These are what most clubs will use.

Having said that there are a number of other options out there. There are water rowing machines which have a totally different mechanism. There are also a wide range of other rowing machines out there from different suppliers.

The rowing machine as a piece of fitness equipment is widely used and is a highly effective low impact workout for both upper and lower body.

And it goes without saying that rowing is of course is a sport which stands alone in it’s own right as we well know from the NZ teams amazing results at the Rio Olympics and with previous successes by our world class rowing team.

People do ask what the difference is between the models of the rowers that we stock. We can discuss this with you when you call or email.

As always we are happy to help you with getting the outcome from your training that you are looking for by matching you with the best piece of fitness equipment for your needs.

Happy rowing from the fit2run team.