Commercial Gym Equipment has been one of the most in demand products in our range since the start of the first COVID lockdown period. At Fit2run we have always held a good range of Commercial Gym Equipment the same as found in the large Commercial Gyms which many of you would have been members of.

Why is there such a demand for Commercial Gym Equipment all of a sudden? There’s a couple of very obvious reasons for this.

Firstly, the changed access to gyms during the Covid levels which stopped all gym users at times from accessing their workouts and related equipment.

Secondly the realisation that in the current environment of Covid, Gyms are not necessarily where people feel comfortable any longer despite gyms often taking a number of measures to keep the environment as safe and sterilised as possible.

Thirdly the realisation that often mental health, and or physical well being, is often significantly linked to the ability to continue exercising and working out and keeping fit. In fact with this in mind the Government classified the supply and delivery of fitness equipment as an “essential service” during COVID lockdown.

The impact of these things resulted in some exciting new developments, not the least being the ability to access many gym classes online and train from home. It would never be the same as the energy from being in a physical classs but went a long way to allow people to still access fitness from home.

The other strategy involved hiring or buying equipment for the home. The commercial gym equipment was heavily in demand. There are many users of gym equipment who have desire to use the quality of equipment that a gym piece gives and which lighter domestic products don’t always offer. There are also a number of fitness equipment users who require equipment that is suited to different height, weight and fitness useage tolerances. Commercial gym equipment is able to cope with all requirements.

The down side to this range of equipment is often the size and weight of such pieces and the constraints this places on location.

The range of equipment fit2run carries that fits in to the category of commercial equipment includes Spin Bikes, Concept 2 Rowing machines, Treadmills and Exercycles. These all meet the classification of genuine Commercial Gym Equipment as can be found in the big gyms.

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