We’ve just added some new C2 rowing machine stock to our fleet because of the huge demand for this rower.

Why the C2 rowing machine? It’s true that we have stocked other ranges previously but when it comes down to it we at fit2run have a commitment to stocking the best fitness equipment we can.

The concept 2 rowers are the ones that all the rowers use. These are also the rowing machines used in most gyms because of their outstanding performance and tolerances for all users.

Are you looking to hire or buy a rowing machine?  If so we are  always ready to talk to you about your needs and whether our range of equipment can get you sorted.

In terms of servicing a C2 rower there’s very little maintenance required. The chains will need occasional attention and the most common issue tends to relate to the battery in the console.  If you look through the settings on the console you will find an option to see how much battery life remains as well as how much mileage the rower has done.

Rowing is an all round exercise and an all year round activity. Putting a rowing machine in to a domestic setting or a commercial one is easy to do. The C2 rowing machine is easy to transport making it a very versatile piece in many ways.  The rowers collapse down in to 2 parts if needed, and can stand on end to minimise space in a tight location.