Home Fitness Equipment and Heart Health.

Recent studies outline the benefits in mid-age of exercise to regain and retain heart health. For those unable to access other equipment easily, having home fitness equipment is a perfect way to access health.

While there are many benefits from using home fitness equipment it was interesting to note a recent study published. The research showed considerable benefits of exercising particularly for heart health.  In a recent study which looked at reversing the cardiac effects of sedentary ageing,  individuals in the exercise group who had an average age of 53 when they started working out  raised their aerobic fitness by 18 percent. They also  were shown to have raised their cardiac elasticity by 25 percent. (loss of cardiac elasticity is a significant factor in ongoing heart health). All of these individuals had previously led fairly sedentary lives.

The exercise program used started with low intensity workouts 3 times a week for 30 minutes.  After this they increased the program to integrate higher intensity and interval training in to the workout. Home Fitness Equipment can in these programs be highly effective in allowing busy people to easily access exercise.

The report  noted that those who walked regularly for two to six hours a week had a mortality rate 36percent lower than those who walked 2 hours or less a week.

As reported in the New Zealand Herald 31st Jan 2018